Calendar of Provincial events - Provincial Priory of Oxon, Berks and Bucks

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Calendar of Provincial events



11 Jan 2016

Aylesbury Preceptory No.389, Aylesbury


19 Jan 2016

Bisham Abbey Preceptory No.691, Marlow

23 Jan 2016

Preceptory of Coeur de Lion No.29

02 Feb 2016

Robert de Turnham Preceptory No.499, Bletchley


09 Feb 2016

Wellesley Preceptory No.204, Sindlesham

12 Feb 2016

Cygnet Preceptory No.464, Beaconsfield

17 Feb 2016

Crusaders Preceptory No.258, Wokingham

18 Feb 2016

Robert Loyd Preceptory No.438, Caversham

Team visit

25 Feb 2016

Preceptory of Improvement, Wokingham

11 Mar 2016

Terra Sancta Preceptory No.487, Chipping Norton

22 Mar 2016

Sir Oilver Starkey Preceptory No. 430, Slough


23 Mar 2016

Preceptory of Friendship and Care No. 514, Sindlesham


30 Mar 2016

Cressing Preceptory No.264, Beaconsfield

31 Mar 2016

Leslie Felgate Dring Preceptory No.637, Beaconsfield


01 Apr 2016

Beaumont Preceptory No.323, Bicester


06 Apr 2016

St Hugh Preceptory No.314, Banbury


20 Apr 2016

Outremer Preceptory No.474, Newbury

26 Apr 2016

Bisham Abbey Preceptory No.691, Marlow

Team visit

30 Apr 2016

Preceptory of Coeur de Lion No.29



Christmas Day Prayer

The R E Provincial Prior reminds Brother Knights of their obligations to the Order and commends to them the Christmas Day Observance at 5:00pm:

'Preserve, O Lord, Our Brother Knights by land and sea and air
and as we hold them in our thoughts, so keep them in Thy care.'


3rd Wednesday in May - Great Priory of the Temple at Freemasons' Hall, London

3rd Monday in September - Provincial Priory of the Temple at Sindlesham, Berkshire

3rd Tuesday in November - Great Priory of Malta at
Freemasons' Hall, London

4th Monday in November - Provincial Priory of Malta at Sindlesham, Berkshire

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